'Trump's tone was a little threatening': Libertarians speak out at National Convention

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Former President Trump was booed and jeered at the Libertarian National Convention over the weekend. NBC News’ Jonathan Allen, Dasha Burns and The Atlantic staff writer Mark Leibovich join Katy Tur to discuss Trump’s campaign strategy.

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@masonkanterbury3007 says:

RFK is a good choice for libertarians. But not for democrats.

@JRR31984 says:

(it's like he's telling them they can't handle what they all, including him– been agreeing to AND as if he couldn't do it another way, like he didn't earn key people's endorsement BEFORE AND AFTER 2017 through his non mouth parts)

@jeanredman-roberts5604 says:

"Its my party and I'll lie if I want to" .Sounds like an old song from the 1960's. The Libertarians were not singing along.

@jddwyer6089 says:

Of COURSE he's going to campaign for untraditional votes .. He's desperate to stay out of jail.

@JRR31984 says:

(by 0:33, AND then he yells at them "nonchalantly" WHILE he speaks his pig speech– LIKE it didn't bother him, when we all know AND see THAT it does; it's disgusting AND a total Netanyahu)

@dannmarceau9743 says:

They're anti-Trump; they were never her voters.

@sparkysmom7149 says:

The REPUBLICANS REFUSE TO WORK WITH ANYONE, EVER! trump referred to those of us who are Democrats as "Human scum" today, on Memorial Day. VOTE BLUE ALL THE WAY

@richardthacker6 says:

Hmmm… all 250 people in attendance. Biden is booed EVERYWHERE he goes.

@rickfry6031 says:

Why would a Libertarian vote for a fascist authoritarian?

@lindahuston4146 says:

That man go to vote for Trump because he made a promise. Everyone knows he lies

@twhite8308 says:

Trump's promises are worthless lies.

@kathyrama4570 says:

Couldn't happen to a more incompetent Candidate for President.

@billbixby7877 says:

Trump's trying to stay out of prison.

@dragon_dyce says:

now lets see biden go speak to the libetarians … that will never happen

@CA-tk8yn says:

You will vote for Donald Trump period!

@dragon_dyce says:

MSNBC hasnt told the truth about anything for a decade now, they are clowns

@leonardstudley184 says:

He always criticized Hillary for using the teleprompter and he is so lame reading from it

@thedentist9309 says:

Looks like just a few bums. Look at FJB chants during his speech

@user-oz1vl8xv6b says:

It's strange how this man who has all these indictments can call someone else crooked…

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