Boy Blue Entertainment: The Dojo at Breakin' Convention 2015

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Boy Blue Entertainment perform The Dojo at Breakin’ Convention 2015 at Sadler’s Wells in London.

Inspired by their company’s theatrical production The Five and the Prophecy of Prana, Boy Blue Entertainment mix hip hop, martial arts and Shaolin animal techniques. Choreographed by over ten of the company’s leading dancers, The Dojo features performers as young as seven to 26 years old.

Choreography: The choreographers and dance teachers of BBE
Performers: Nicey Belgrave, Lilly Brennan, Kyonne Bynoe-Levy, Alicia Cox, Marion Fagbemi, Olivia Francis, Tilly Geddes, Evion Hackett, Rhianna Haywood, Rhian Hazlewood, Tyrone Isaac- Stewart, Anmol Kaur, Akwasi Kwarteng, Skytilz Mantey, Tanaya Martin-Clarke, Joelle Matondo, Yolanda Newsome, Ellie Noon, Nicole Nyemi-Tei, Portia Oti, Kenyah Sandy, Kenrick Sandy, Jerdy Dos Santos, Holly Spencer, Beyounce Sunley-Patel, Masaiya Thomas, Koby Turner, Sashana Wade, Malachi Welch, Courtney Yao.
Music: Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante
Film production: Johnson E Kane

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@mismeeh says:

I can’t even! This performance is way too good! Wow! Guys! You did amazing!!

@mismeeh says:

This is what I’m talking about!!

@Chan-mq9cy says:

The entire company has sher talent. Engry is crazy!

@glebnavolykin6257 says:

Come oooooooooooooooooooon. The video hasoly 15k views????????? It's incredible, the whole word must see it. You have done a great job, respect )))

@kungmarkatta2000 says:

This was so amazingly wonderful as well. Love influences of martial arts in dance performance

@ruthlyngage7587 says:

fantastic miss watching live performance from you guys

@florenciapavon says:

im crazy for the tracklist!! can anybody help me? first song? thank you so much!!! really inspiring aaaaawwwww

@DUMMYtrustTV says:

░▒▓█▀▄▀▄▀▄█▓▒░Champions!░▒▓█▀▄▀▄▀▄█▓▒░ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dancers! This is a whole new level of mixed martial arts where dance is incorporated with fighting. That would make for a great dance battle. But bboying/breakin originated from Asia when you look at the different variations and styles of Kung Fu/Karate movements. I guess that's why the Asians took bboying back and made it their own again. I loved the music at the beginning, anybody have an idea what the track was?

@wangarimuoria-sal7998 says:

Fantastic Boy blue performance!!!!

@shaidamayat4518 says:

Amazing performance by my boy blue family you always deliver nothing but the best!!! Proud to be part of the bbe family.×××

@MungzMedia says:

Amazing performance

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