In response to a question on macrodosing, Igor Kufayev speaks on the effect hallucinogenic substances have on our body. Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz. October 2018.
Mazatapec mushrooms Music- solar fields leaving home
THE SECRETS OF THE METU NETER & THE MAGIC MUSHROOM w/ Guest Kilindi Iyi (part 5) (917) 889-3803 is the call in number. We’ve read about the mysteries but what “STEPPING INTO THE MYSTERIES?” [More]
part of the fungi kingdom, magic truffles are the underground part of the well-known magic mushrooms, and contain the same psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin. the official name for magic truffles is sclerotium (plural: sclerotia). [More]
From Silicon Valley to the living room, people have been self-experimenting with microdosing: taking sub-perceptual doses of LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. Rather than a full trip, the microdose experience has been reported to result in [More]
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Medical mushrooms saved my life. I hope this video helps someone looking for information on changing their life…. breaking addiction…seeing clearly through depression and anxiety issues…. feeling stuck or lost….. I’m here for you and [More]
My first magic mushroom trip experience. Merch This life changing psilocybin shrooms trip was the beginning of my psychedelic / spiritual journey. I also throw in a mini shrooms trip simulation in the video [More]
This episode not only discusses the power of psilocybin to help us develop the skill of confident vulnerability but also what such a psychedelic lesson might mean for masculinity in the cultural context of inner-city [More]
His personal experience with psychedelics or entheogens. SupaNova Slom shares his gut truth comparison of ayahuasca sessions versus an egotistic and arrogant approach to taking an extreme amount or “heroic” dose, 15-28 grams of “shrooms.” [More]