Acacea Lewis Mushrooms, Aliens and Ancient Sites.

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Acacea Lewis is the Founder of Divine Master Alchemy LLC, and Divine Master University, a school for Entheogenic Cultural Literacy and Applied Naturopathic Medicine Research. Acacea is a student of Baba Kilindi Iyi, and teachers from other systems, as well as an independent researcher and lifetime student of the psilocybin mushroom. She shares her first-hand experiences and provides undergraduate-level research papers, books, and some medical research to help bridge and integrate the fields of medical science, spiritual systems, and cultural anthropology.
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@137Enki says:

Thank you both for an amazing lecture. I was enlightened by every second.

@swatisquantum says:

17:20 signature of mushroom, go as deep as the genetic information source.
Everyone that went in with golden teacher are storing in the cloud.
Tamarian blue
35:30 mushroom activates specific signatures in your DNA

@swatisquantum says:

wow. She’s legendary. one of the top psychonauts

@GoldenAgeNow says:

I love the work you’re doing! I absolutely love the perspective that Acacea Lewis brings to the table!

@sadhu7191 says:

She's on another level. She almost sounds crazy haha but she's going to be a legend in future

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