Indigenous Dosing with Magic Mushrooms: Talking Slop with Acacea Lewis (Part 3)

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In this series of Talking Slop episodes I chop it up with Acacea Lewis a student of Baba Kilindi Iyi and teacher in her own right.

We go into her story and her relationship with Psychedelics… we start from the beginning of her journey and she brings us to the here and now sharing her work and experiences with entheogenic plants.

Acacea Lewis is a plant medicine alchemist and mycologist specializing in the ancient psychedelic mushroom sacrament, kambo, and iboga. Acacea is passionate about micro-dosing education and accessibility to medicines. As a member of the Native American Church and a kambo healing practitioner, Acacea helps heal emotional, psychological, and physical issues using traditional entheogenic techniques.

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@alchemicalsynergy4029 says:

I remember seeing Acacea with blue pill, and now learning what her name means…(mind blown)(kablow)

@stunnaloxc says:

What’s her Instagram

@sacr3dbutt3rfly51 says:

Another phenomenal talk D!!! This talk blew me away!!! You know you have to do more series with Acacea, she is Awesome….one of my favourites so far!!!

@dcaabd says:

Do either of you have experience with the species, Psilocybe mairei? I would be interested if she has any experience with the energy of the woodlovers.
Great to hear more about Kilindi Iyi here.

@Dinglezero says:

Love yall. Great information! Keep em coming

@brandonmarcus4063 says:

Power n prosperity to the family

@just.a.viewer1 says:

Sisters knowledge is so entrancing.

@pwhales264 says:

May Peace be upon our Brother Baba Kilindi lyi. Kilindi lyi sent me a interdimensional crystal and my last mushroom journey was at the 24 gram level

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