My Journey with Plant Medicine: Talking Slop w/ Acacea Lewis (Part 1)

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In this series of Talking Slop episodes I chop it up with Acacea Lewis a student of Baba Kilindi Iyi and teacher in her own right.

We go into her story and her relationship with Psychedelics… we start from the beginning of her journey and she brings us to the here and now sharing her work and experiences with entheogenic plants.

Acacea Lewis is a plant medicine alchemist and mycologist specializing in the ancient psychedelic mushroom sacrament, kambo, and iboga. Acacea is passionate about micro-dosing education and accessibility to medicines. As a member of the Native American Church and a kambo healing practitioner, Acacea helps heal emotional, psychological, and physical issues using traditional entheogenic techniques.

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@itsnicetoseeyou says:

Her story is really important for people to hear, know there's lots of people who can relate to her human experiences

@sacr3dbutt3rfly51 says:

Wow!!! Amazing first interview with Acacea!!! Phenomenal knowledge and inspiring…sooo looking forward to hearing the rest of the talking slop with Acacea!!!! Your tha Man D….you really have profound Guests on your series…..Big up!!!!!

@moyofunedeasshabazz3400 says:

Acacea is fabulous. she changed my life. I'm thankful for all the experiences Acacea has shared

@dcaabd says:

Hi Darren. I'd like to put together a discussion group on the Psychedelic Salon zoom chats regarding teen use of entheogens. Seems like Acacea would have an interesting perspective. Can you provide me with her contact info? Or maybe she can get in touch with Lorenzo at the Psychedelic Salon and say that I mentioned it.

@darrensmith7203 says:

Will the Breaking Convention be going ahead this year?

@DeJah9999 says:

Thanks Darren and Acacea for this. The questions she said asked as a teen beginning her journey I am asking now as I have began mine almost 2 years ago.

@comfortlord4070 says:

I'm so excited to hear more much love to everyone here

@soulsuccess says:

I can already tell this is gonna be a great one!

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