Kerry Pappas was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer in 2013. After participating in a psilocybin study, she lost her crippling anxiety about death. “60 Minutes” reports on the therapeutic use of psychedelics. Click here [More]
⇒Dios. ¡Estos niveles fueron difíciles y desesperantes! Tres niveles estresantes con la compañía de una Imimomia. NUNCA LOS VOLVERÉ A JUGAR: Los 3 niveles del tercer capítulo del libro extra “Los desafíos de las [More]
Highly active and organized within the community his entire life.
This is my first successful grow this year. Check out the babies 😋😋. More Videos Coming Out. Comment for Suggestions. ShroomPapi Out 🤙
@deedeepolishton has a bunch of notes and unanswered questions about Kilindi Iyi’s experience with entheogens and martial Arts.