R&B Therapy came to Denver for what is being dubbed the largest psychedelic conference in history from Illinois looking for funding to provide refugees and people of color access to ketamine therapy.
The Psychedelic Club of Denver is hosting the first competition for homegrown psychedelic mushrooms this year, called The Psychedelic Cup.
Breakin’ Convention Festival 2014 London recap: Saturday 3 – Bank Holiday Monday 5 May – the official BCTV recap, filmed and edited by Denisha Anderson. For more hip hop recaps SUBSCRIBE here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=breakinconvention Breakin’ Convention [More]
Definitives Dance Company (UK) perform at Breakin’ Convention 2014 at Sadler’s Wells in London. Definitives present the journey towards one’s goal in “Journey” Definitives have been a company of dancers since 2006. Combining the personalities [More]
Ivan Blackstock performs Reverie at Breakin Convention 2012, Sadler’s Wells, the quirky tale of a sleepless night recalling childhood memories and monsters in the cupboard… With live music performed by Ayanna Witter-Johnson For more information [More]
In 2011, Jim Fadiman PhD described the intake of very low doses of psychedelics (e.g. 10–20 mcg of LSD). Claims about “microdosing” include better work performance, less procrastination, better mood, more creativity, psychological well-being and [More]
MDMA is known to acutely improve emotional processes. Recently it has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of PTSD with effects lasting for months. With 4 European centres we aim to study [More]
My Relationship with Baba Kilindi Iyi: Talking Slop with Moudou Baqui (Part 1) In this clip Moudou opens up about himself and his relationship with Baba Kilindi Iyi. Moudou connected with and became a student [More]
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