Thee AYANA – FOREVER (Official Video)

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Written by- Thee AYANA
Gladys Gakonyo
Hannah Waruguru
Audrey Andeso
Arranged by-Thee AYANA
Produced by- Blessing Basinza
Mixing and Mastering- Blessing Basinza
Video Director- Adams Ovinne

We would like to thank God for providing everything needed for this project

Special thanks to
Samuel Moiben
Ian Atundo
Ian Keizah
Moses Patroba
Juliet Makena

Today tomorrow forever and always
Is what you say
You’ve shown me love from the start staki mwingine.
Thick and thin you’ve always been there for me.
Kanishika mkono barabarani, bila kuseize.

Nimeamua, niwenataka ,penzi tulia we have forever with us×2
Forever with us×2 ( with us)

(Wanna watch the stars with you all night
when I’m down you can hug me so tight.
Nipe love make me feel alright
Niwe nataka Leo) ×2

{I wanna be by your side ( by your side)
Nikupe penzi my love ( forever and always) }×2

Nimeamua, niwenataka ,penzi tulia we have forever with us × 2
Forever with us × 2 ( with us)


@kaydaverecords says:

I don't really play a song twice on YouTube manze …this is great♥️♥️♥️

@raymolion says:

Masterpiece ❤❤❤❤

@malosh3981 says:

sheesh this is some good stuff im lovin it❤❤

@kneohl_ke2448 says:

Oh wow congrats sissy

@kevinchris3777 says:

beautiful voices

@janewangari8962 says:

Waoo wonderful keep up

@consomugo6494 says:

My dolls you are amazing I love everything about you❤❤

@user-ym6yc3fv4d says:

Am so proud of you my dolls ❣❣

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