Terence McKenna on Entheogens
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Voters in the Mile High City have decriminalized “magic mushrooms” by the slimmest of margins, making Denver the country’s first city to de-prioritize enforcement of the hallucinogen. “WE WON!!!!” announced Decriminalize Denver after city elections [More]
-This video is for bulk spawn grows (rye and substrate), not cakes- 1) Spawn Production- 0:14 2) Colonization Period- 4:33 3) Fruiting Stage- 8:08 4) Harvest, Dehydration, Storage- 10:22 **Supplies** -Grain Spawn- $7 each https://www.shroomsupply.com/grain-spawn/sterilized-substrate-organic-rye-berries [More]
Mushroom Madness – a guide to UK psychedelic & poisonous fungi. 1990s documentary
In this video I review a grow kit from Shroomsupply.com. If you would like to buy or get more information on the kits they offer check them out by clicking — https://www.shroomsupply.com To support the [More]
How to Get Spores From Store Bought Mushrooms. Complete Mushroom Growing Guide: https://tinyurl.com/ydcwwbzh In this guide I show you how to take a spore print from mushrooms bought from the store. This process of acquiring [More]
Part 2 of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on Nintendo Switch 100% Walkthrough Gameplay of Episode 1. We complete all levels, all bonus challenges, all Powers Stars, and find each Gem and Pixel Toad locations with [More]
This video is about growing (edible and legal) mushrooms at home: mushroom’s spores inoculation into WBS (wild bird seeds) and spawn (WBS+spores-mycelium) incubation, in order to grow mycelium indeed. Mycelium is the main mushroom’s organ: [More]