This is part II of the ongoing exploration and research about the link between the different states in altered states of consciousness with the psychedelic and lucid dreaming authorities This is not to encourage anyone [More]
This week we have a guest called Darren Le Baron. Darren is an advocate of the Psilocybin Mushroom and has been educating people on it for over 15 years. He gives a break down on [More]
THIS IS KILINDI’S FIRST MUSHROOM TRIP Beat By: Hardknox Beats His Link BELOW This is a community channel where we all get to gather sharing information and more,anyone is welcome to join the conversation [More]
Oxygen performing ‘Tendre la main’ during Breakin Convention 2022! Dancers: Stella Donners Zara Ahmed Noëla Habets Tahnee Masela Imke v.d. Willik Fleur Swienink Cicely Wijnaldum Choreography: Jennifer Romen Company: Oxygen by JR
I recently attended the psychedelic conference “Breaking Convention 2023” and it was an incredible experience. As someone who is passionate about the potential of psychedelic substances, I always enjoy to be in a space where [More]
Building with Darren Le Baron & Moudou Baqui on peace, life, mycelium, & mushrooms! I am grateful to share space with these two powerful brothas & receive some of their knowledge & wisdom & be [More]
The lack of diversity in the psychedelic community only reflects what is the prevailing wind of the greater society. The good ol’ boy network prevails even in the ultra hip, ultra chic psychedelic community which [More]
Baba Kilindi Iyi Lectures about Ancient Earth and the Magic behind Magic Mushrooms
Kilindi Iyi and Luis Eduardo Luna discuss eating or drinking in other realms with ERIE in Oakland, CA. February 9th, 2020 (part 1 of 6)