Mushroom Madness – a guide to UK psychedelic & poisonous fungi. 1990s documentary
Terence McKenna on Entheogens
Magic mushrooms, Golden Teacher, Fruiting Chamber, Magic Mushroom Grow
Voters in the Mile High City have decriminalized “magic mushrooms” by the slimmest of margins, making Denver the country’s first city to de-prioritize enforcement of the hallucinogen. “WE WON!!!!” announced Decriminalize Denver after city elections [More]
-This video is for bulk spawn grows (rye and substrate), not cakes- 1) Spawn Production- 0:14 2) Colonization Period- 4:33 3) Fruiting Stage- 8:08 4) Harvest, Dehydration, Storage- 10:22 **Supplies** -Grain Spawn- $7 each [More]
Everything you need to know about shrooms in under 5 minutes. Support us on Patreon: Get a Test Kit: Like us on Facebook: 2nd Channel: Current Johns Hopkins Study: Cancer [More]
Serge describes flow as intelligent movement which comes completely spontaneously, free from pre-deliberation or thought. He also talks about achieving these states with a partner during sexual intercourse, and points to psychedelic drugs as the [More]
A new study on magic mushrooms has yielded positive results for individuals suffering from depression. This was a small study which builds on a larger body of research in the field. Ana Kasparian and John [More]
In this video I review a grow kit from If you would like to buy or get more information on the kits they offer check them out by clicking — To support the [More]