The Ruggeds: Adrenaline at Breakin' Convention 2015 London, Sadler's Wells

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The Ruggeds perform Adrenaline at Breakin’ Convention 2015 London, Sadler’s Wells.

Adrenaline is what pushes you into uncharted territory. Its drive is so strong that it allows you to push the limit of what’s physically and technically possible. It’s the energy from the drums to the breakbeat rhythms making your soul anxious to move. This piece is an exploration of our relationship with adrenaline, filled with acrobatics, risks, music and energy.

Originally known as Rugged Solutions, The Ruggeds have been a solid name in the b-boy game for the past few years. Taking part in battles all over the world, they are currently one of the most active b-boy crews in Europe. The crew is well-known for its members’ different styles and influences.

Choreography: The company
Performers: Duzk, Jazzy Gypz, Niek Traa, Roy, Squarez, Stepper, Skychief
Film production: Johnson E Kane

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@TooMuchFlavour says:

Still one of the baddest performances ever!

@AtomNic says:

saw it in Toronto today, it's insane to watch live, specially today that had a bit of a different performance, with all the lights

@scalaproductiehuis says:

Check out the new theatre production of the Ruggeds at

@bboysam22 says:

please what is the name song min 7 ???? please

@gregory3592 says:

saw this in NYC Harlem …awesome performance. of the best that night

@kungmarkatta2000 says:

Really cool with fun and different element

@Bboy8989 says:

The Best showcase!!

@PhyllK says:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!!!! Been waitin on this performance, its the one that gave me the MOST Heart Pulpitations!! Thought I was gonna need an Ambulance by the End! Loooool….Woooo Hooo! Thanx Guys xx

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