The Magic Mushroom Shamans of Detroit

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Some people I met from the Detroit Psychedelic conference held in honor of Baba Kilindi Iyi.

People in this video
The Beantown Shaman-
High Priest Arkion-
Full interview
Sincere Seven –


@paawanarora1111 says:

3:26 the tantric science came out of yoga not mushroom

@Amber-rk3be says:

I wanna get a hold of u.. how do I do that …

@Therootdoctress says:

Love Lucia Light and Mushrooms

@BrokenSofa says:

"Cures aids and cancer" yeah whatever you say

@father_simons4689 says:

How can you legally buy magic mushrooms in the us?

@user-uc3qg3pq4w says:

Iv posted this several times because i think it is of importance for people to be aware of, it could also make people more cautious and possibly reduce someones impulsive not thought through decision to just go and take a heap of psychedelics and possibly be psychologically or spiritually harmed,
Anyway concerning psychedelics and traditional plant medicine ceremonies, the difficulty of a foreigner like myself authentically participating in a traditional plant medicine ceremony is alot more complex than people may think, traditionally the use of plant medicines by people is just one small aspect of a much larger tradition and all encompassing way of life, a complex system of religious beliefs and other spiritual practices, on a continuum from more exoteric to esoteric, certain ethical and moral principles, various rules and regulations, different social roles and duties, a knowledge of and connection with all other members of the tribe, usually from birth etc, a whole particular mentality, psychological and emotional that has developed and been cultivated by these particular people, etc etc etc, so it was very different for them as one could imagine compared to someone like me from the west who may come in and stay for a while then leave.

what i am getting at is that a commitment to the tradition and way of life would seem to be a prerequisite for its participation i believe, a conversion to use a different type of Language, ultimately an initiation that is for life and implies one is going to seek god following that particular mode of following god with all that the tradition implies otherwise there will always remain this sense of one being a tourist in a way, just hoping to come in without any true lifelong commitment and have an experience, it has this materialistic western consumer feel to it, just happens to be in regards to spiritual things uno, its like spiritual shopping, but i believe the commitment and the sacrifice that a proper engagement with spiritual/religious things implies is one or the most important parts of the effectiveness of the whole thing and determines the degree of benefit one may get from the ceremony uno.

Because if you look at all of history and mans spiritual/religious searching and way of life then it os always the case that only one particular tradition is followed by any given individual, individually or culturally they commit to one way of life, one religion, one path etc and follow it to the desired goal which is the attainment of an experiential union with god, in fact it was so important that different paths to the same goal not be mingled together or one person not practice two ways that there was many restrictions in every culture existing to guard against this, this is where we get what is misinterpreted now as a bigoted exclusivity in religion in relation to how it sees other religions but in reality it is just an attitude that had to be taken for the protection of each religion which is whole and complete in itself and can lead man to the same end as another one, when two paths are confused and joined tho then it may destroy both because they are so radically different in the mode in which they do things that they externally appear not to even have the same end in sight etc

God bless brotha

@kiloton1920 says:

Man I can’t handle these black guys like this they are all doing too much

@theafrodiasporalinguist8365 says:

Never underestimate the power of meditation. Never.

@gauaahai7373 says:

Dr sebi learned everything he knew from Mexican healers lol people always forget to point that out

@CoconutPete. says:

I first read about Kilindi Iyi 15 years ago on He was notorious for regularly taking 20-30 dried grams and said that it was at that level, in which he fought evil spirits in hyperspace.

@TheFire-fq8fx says:

6:22 He knows what he is talking about.

@blazeddayz2093 says:

4:40 what flute is this?

@readyreckoner1592 says:

Are these people healing themselves and healing others and stuff? It looks like they are. N

@philliptaylor9342 says:

Does he give Conferences in Atlanta

@rozsa7828 says:

We r in a war light and darkness fighting over our soul but the only name that has power over darkness ndemons and defeated them is the name of Jesus

@AB-ts6dn says:

So beautiful

@AB-ts6dn says:

Love the vibrations @1:52

@isaalmozrouei2472 says:

I live in detroit, I wonder where I can find them

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