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Paul Kroeger – The History of Psilocybin Containing Magic Mushrooms

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Psilocybin-containing “Magic Mushrooms”
History and modern use;
from Central America to British Columbia

presentation by Paul Kroeger at the 2012 Vancouver Mushroom show by the Vancouver Mycological Society

Link to Paul Kroeger’s book:
The Outer Spores – Mushrooms Of Haida Gwaii

*Watch in 1080p HD by clicking the quality icon in the bottom right of the screen.


storm3698 says:

I have seen some mushrooms in Wood bark/ chipping that looks like these mushrooms but no tinge of blue. Is there a mushroom looking like these magic ones but Is poisonous?

Music Seeds International says:

love ya paul. coming over…

Digital Alchemy says:

not sure Aztec's where using mushrooms when it came to the crazy amount of sacrifice happened to please the jaguar god and that the sun wouldn't rise etc… mushrooms can teach about good and evil but wants u to be good.. and it was when the mainstream world found out about it.. in the old testament pretty much based on entheogenic visions and probably what wrote the Rig Vedas 6000 years ago…

Dan ut2 says:

fucking christians. 4:08

Babyfarts Megezacks says:

3:00 that's a dick not a mushroom she's taking it up the ass!

The Original Gamer says:

What kind of idiot sticks psilocybin in the oven. No wonder nobody tripped.

Daniel Thompson says:

An absolutely delightful presentation. Thanks for posting this!

Steve Kudlok says:

I am always amused at how Westerners complain about what other Westerns have done or send. Aztec culture had its heavy handed side. Of course we sacrifice many people to the God(ess) justica in the ritual of seeking closure. So we are not as innocent as we like to claim vis a vis other cultures. But overall this is very good, this is one persons take or all of these.

Strength Squadron says:

DMT is also illegal and contained in the brain

docmansound1 says:

We used to call 'em "Blue Ringers" and they grew in many of the yards near Seattle. They were always slimy. Is that a feature of magic mushrooms or are other mushrooms slimy too?

Adrea Brooks says:

Quite an informative video!
Does anyone know where I'd find those oyster mushroom sheep lawn ornaments he mentioned in passing? I love cooking with oyster mushrooms, and would love to get ahold of some of these.

Aguila59 says:

Very interesting and informative

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