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The Stoned Ape Theory! How Psychedelic Mushrooms Shaped our Evolution (Theory Thursday Ep.10)

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BushShamanOculus says:

Your cool brotha, interesting stuff for sure. You have good content consider me subscribed

Aeternuss says:

Do a video with the guy of PsychedSubstance channel !!!

xXdinogoesRAWRxX1 says:

dogs and foxes and cats eat mushrooms. possibly why dogs and cats have such close connection to humans?

Al Ram says:

bro let go of your ego

Taylor Westerhausen says:

I understand the theory but why are there still monkeys that havent evolved

AlmostVegas | Joey says:

what's the song he uses in this video?

Kelci Atkinson says:

I have read that millions of years before homo-sapiens we started cooking starchy tubers, and that increased our brain size all the way up until humans

kmrn 34 says:

are psychedelics bad/good/addictive??

Bart Simpson says:

Your wall looks awesome dude

Charlie Hilly says:

just would like to point out that it had best be considered the stoned ape hypothesis. a hypothesis is what many people describe as an educated guess, a theory is the best solution based on all data provided

Sumukhi Devi says:

this is a really interesting theory

Achilles Phillips says:


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