Redefining Psychedelic Exploration with Acacea Sherman-Lewis | Beth A. Weinstein

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Tune in to a fascinating episode of ‘Medicine for These Times’ to hear Beth Weinstein and Acacea Sherman-Lewis discuss how Acacea bridges the gap between Western philosophy and religion, and animistic, polytheistic non-Western traditions through storytelling, research, and traditional entheogenic practices.

Acacea shares her personal journey from being homeschooled and exploring her obsession with science and botany to developing her school, Divine Master Alchemy, where she teaches about the use of entheogens in various cultures and how these practices can deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world.

Beth and Acacea also discuss the broader implications of using psychedelic substances for self-discovery, highlighting the importance of internal transformation and service over ‘self-help’. Acacea offers listeners a glimpse into the future of her unique brand of psychedelic education, which includes the development of an interactive VR ‘book’ designed to deepen engagement with entheogenic plants and practices.

Episode Highlights

▶ 00:00 Welcome
▶ 01:32 Acacea’s journey into entheogenic studies
▶ 09:08 The role of entheogens in traditional cultures
▶ 12:26 The intersection of science, religion and psychedelics
▶ 20:13 Psychedelics for healing and self-discovery
▶ 29:47 The power of internal reflection and ego death
▶ 35:06 Our current collective initiation
▶ 36:16 The misuse of psychedelics: a narcissistic trip
▶ 38:31 Seeking inner truth as true purpose of psychedelics
▶ 40:41 Misconceptions about traditional plant medicines
▶ 42:07 Teaching and learning ethnobotany
▶ 51:32 The role of entheogens in Acacea’s personal and professional life
▶ 55:29 The future of entheogenic studies: Acacea’s upcoming book

Acacea Sherman-Lewis’s Links & Resources

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▶ Instagram: https://
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As a spiritual business coach, Beth Weinstein helps new and current coaches, healers, therapists, Psychedelic Pioneers, space holders, and spiritually-centered entrepreneurs align with their heart and start and grow their business so that they can help more people and have a thriving transformational business they love.

Using her experience growing multiple businesses along with neuroscience-backed methodologies, practical business action plans, applied metaphysics, and over 25 years working with psychedelics and sacred medicines, Beth helps you get past your blocks and grow an authentic business that aligns with your Soul. She guides you through a process combining business growth strategies along with spiritually-centered mindset and leadership coaching, somatic therapeutic modalities, and subconscious reprogramming.

She is the founder of “Medicine For These Times” podcast, five annual “Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Soul’s Purpose & Business” summits, taught for Psychedelics Today’s Vital Training, co-created a mind-body-music weekend with East Forest, and has co-created many conscious events and retreats. Beth has been a speaker on stages, podcasts, and summits and has been featured in The New York Post, Huffington Post, The Plant Spirit Summit, Psilocybin Summit, and more.

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