'A lawless psychopath:’ Former Republican Congressman on Trump’s violent rhetoric

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Professor of history Ruth Ben-Ghiat and 2020 Republican Presidential Candidate Joe Walsh join The Weekend to talk about Trump’s visit to the Libertarian Convention and the rise in violent rhetoric from the Republican party.

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@sreed7637 says:

Wow this is a Woke media channel lol.

@IrishDiesel says:

Not boos. Keep proving why people shouldn't watch your propaganda network. Fake news just like CNN

@cherylasher6559 says:

Trump's the crooked one.

@davidjongen1022 says:

Old enough to remember the look on Nicolae Ceaușescu when he went out and was booed … just saying

@davidjongen1022 says:

Old enough to remember the look on Nicolae Ceaușescu when he went out and was booed … just saying

@ns281 says:

Does the State of Michigan have the power to declare that SCOTUS is in open rebellion against the citizens of Michigan? Citizens of USA? The Constitution SPECIFICALLY provides "ARMS" (provided you are a member of a "WELL REGULATED MILITIA") to address this REALITY : SCOTUS shredding The Constitution and REBELLING against The American PEOPLE!

@davidgruver2860 says:

Crooked flip flopping Don the Con the worst president in US history.

@mikemichael445 says:

Nobody should be scared to vote. F&$# that!

@mikemichael445 says:

I guess slavery doesn't count

@lzrd8460 says:

“That’s nice, that’s nice”… to a booing crowd? He is truly going off his rocker. What condition will he be in come debate night? I fear debate night will be nothing but walking around the stage spewing the same ol’, same ol’ lies and conspiracies. Nothing but a pathetic old demented narcissist who cannot face reality.

@Scott-up3bq says:

Great man,long live Donald

@Scott-up3bq says:

Actually taking a day off work here in Australia to watch it.

@Scott-up3bq says:

God bless Donald Trump.cant wait to see all those woke idiots crying when he wins.counting down the day's

@Scott-up3bq says:

Soooo glad Donald is haf Scottish.aye Donald

@sangho5799 says:

Read MSNBC”A lawless psychopath’ former Republican congressman on Trump’s violent Rhetoric—-Trump was not politician, he seems like rogue Mafia, Trump’s speeches full of threats, lies, fabricate, violent rhetoric ……it’s rogue Mafia character, undeniable Republican Party was swing party , look more than 20 years changed party name 2 times, George w Bush era: Tea party, nowadays Change libertarian but unfit his temperament, Trump is abuse power Dictators, hegemony rather than liberal, he speeches in his convention, despite Republicans & lie, loser Traitor Trump trying to wrapping Trump’s crimes but the overnight dishes issue off stench everywhere have feeling, the loser, traitor Republicans cannot coverup Trump’s crime stinks

@sharonspencer7483 says:

I don’t understand how this man can open his mouth to call anybody else crooked—-I keep waiting for lightening to strike him every time he has the nerve to say that!!!!

@robertburns4023 says:

Let's get real. Biden's support for Israeli genocide is an OBSCENITY. But voting for Trump is a march toward a U.S. 4th Reicht – INSANE!

@SheriParkhurst-wd5cj says:

Why don’t these trump maga supporters realize that Trump wants r country run like Russia or North Korea? R they SO stupid that they don’t know how dangerous that is?
Prob not bc they already drank the koolaid!

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