Les Twins Breakin’ Convention Hip Hop Dance Festival Showcase 2015 OFFICIAL footage

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Les Twins showcase at Breakin’ Convention 2015. Subscribe for more: http://bit.ly/118KhMg

Performers: Larry Bourgeois and Laurent Bourgeois
Film production: Johnson E Kane

Showcasing their outstanding musicality to various beats ranging from hip hop to classical, Larry and Laurent’s uncanny ‘twins’ synchronicity, high level of artistry, acrobatic technique, innovative moves and brilliant comedic timing sets them apart as artists in this showcase performance.

Identical twin brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois are the international sensation known as Les Twins. Most notably recognised as Beyoncé’s featured dancers they are arguably two of the best dancers in the world. In addition to dancing they are choreographers, models, actors, musical artists, comedians, and all-around entertainers.

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@bpavilion8994 says:

4:54 Really like this, he was flowing with the music…

@jeehyeon says:

2:45 what is this song? Anyone?

@blueivy3328 says:

Its AMAZING how accurate their moves are .

@MyttKobe says:

I'm a dancer from South Africa and I've been dancing for 14 years inspired by amazing dancers from around the world. I've been uploading dance videos on my channel for years and I feel like my audience isn't growing or I'm not getting enough exposure for the world to see my talent. My dream is to be one of the best dancers in the world.

Here's a link to my World Of Dance qualifier performance. Please watch, like & share and make my dream come true.

My World Of Dance performance :


My personal channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/MyttKobe

@chub1nage says:

Awesome! ❤

@reinaldodasilva5596 says:

Pra mim os melhores do mundo

@rafitha5858 says:

Música del minuto 3:48

@quancycole says:

thanks you twins

@angelauknow says:

you two are amazinggggggggg , you aren´t from this planet <3

@shubhamborse6679 says:

Les twins love u 2

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