Elon Musk On Taking Mushrooms!

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@TheDwarburton says:

"Nobody's committing crimes on mushrooms" – Me with multiple police calls and them coming into my house shining light in my eyes asking if I know who i am says different

@EllieMichael-um8hx says:

[Mycotrent1]<< is a psych store that dispence shroom, Mdma, Lsd, dmt, 2cb, ket, exotics and other psychs safely to ur location. Been coping for a year now, very reliable and ship discreetly anywhere "

@AD-eg9cw says:

And they can save your life and shrink/destroy cancer tumors. Look up Turkey Tail mushrooms and Paul Stamets. They can also prevent dementia/Alzheimers and regrow damaged brain cells, .. look up Lion's Mane mushrooms.

@MartinCurutchet8491 says:

Psilocybin flipped the off switch on my social anxiety like a light switch. It's effect lasted long enough that I thought it permanent. My anxiety and doubts and lack of self worth was gone. Anything that can make you love yourself should be legal

@rosewinter633 says:

I love magic mushrooms. Next I want to try ayahuasca

@edwassermann8368 says:

why is he even talking to these knuckleheads.

@edwassermann8368 says:

why is he even talking to these knuckleheads.

@iro4201 says:

Imagine Elon starts dropping mushrooms from Starlink worldwide.

@Ieueseuei says:

I used to sell shrooms when I was in high school, we used it for a party drug to laugh our ass off. We loved it, ate it daily myself, and never talked of it the way people talk of it today .That’s my story

@yodamaster202 says:

Elon is 52, shes old as hell.

@denabarrett129 says:

He claims to have worked with sacred plants but his life doesn't reflect any aspect of having connected with these beautiful teachers. There is nothing about how he lives that shows he has any intention of walking the path with our Sacred Teachers.

@teresamartim6173 says:

I was diagnosed with Trauma since my teenage, spent my whole life fighting ADHD. Also suffered severe depression and mental disorder. Not until a friend recommended me to psilocybin mushrooms treatment. Psilocybin treatment saved my life honestly. 8 years totally clean. This is something that really need to be use globally to help people with related health challenges.

@DM-us1wg says:

We are more closer related to mushrooms than we are monkeys

@johncoleman5974 says:

Made me not like weed anymore lol

@cskarthik123 says:

Massive respect.

@Fyamayne says:

Hallucinogens are idiotic and no better than Methamphetamine and Fentanyl.

@jeremygould492 says:

Mushrooms should of been first.dont get me wrong canabis is from the mother also and eating it is way more intense then smoking it.but the way I feel is if it comes from the mother it should be held as a sacrament and as to what mushrooms show you is just truly amazing for that I am at a loss for words

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