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How to Legally Buy Magic Mushrooms!

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In this video we’re going to discuss how to legally get magic mushrooms, your favorite fungus. Now a little known loop hole in the law of magic mushrooms allows you to buy magic mushroom spores online. It’s that simple use google get the spores, grow some in a few months then BAM! you’re tripping balls. Seriously guys easiest way to get them legally, now it is still illegal to grow them so be careful don’t tell you’re priest, or teacher that you’re growing drugs in your house, cause that wouldn’t be smart now would it.

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Jacob c says:

I am what you would consider a beginner in this field and I have a few questions. 1- where can I go to get magic mushroom spores that deliver to the United States?
2-Do the grow kits you see online come with spores or just the essential equipment to grow the mushrooms?

Fukle Butterbutt says:

dope you can also buy mimosa to make dmt or beaners to grow weed legally, theres also the legal research chemicals but fuck them lol

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