The Detroit Psychedelic Conference and Kilindi Iyi's Memorial: Talking Slop with Ayana Iyi (Part 3)

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Ayana Iyi is a modern day witch with ancient sensibilities, utilizing entheogenic plants in her work as a Psychic and Medium. Ayana has an intimate relationship to spirit going back to early childhood. Sharing many decades of experience working as a healer of immense knowledge and power. Incorporating teaching fungi into her work was the perfect complement to accessing the ancient worlds of the divine feminine. Many testify to the fullness, depth and passion that Ayana brings to the Psychedelic community.

Ayana Iyi Detroit native has realized that her journey as Warrior High Priestess is a journey of wisdom, innerstanding and truth. As a visionary in her communities and throughout the US, she inspires women to reclaim their Birthright(s) as Goddess, Warrior and Mother through counsel, tarot and entheogenic ceremony. Most importantly, by divine example. Wife, Elder and Mother to many, Ayana works effortlessly to provide spiritual guidance for all of her sisters and daughters. Showing that total acceptance, love and knowledge of self is her code of life through Profundity, Intelligence, Silence and Truth.

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@bassaddict1988 says:

Keep Baba Kilindis’ Memorial high.

@TILER96 says:

So much appreciation! balance and bliss!

@dakotawint says:

Cool intro and great podcast!

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