Kilindi Iyi – Africa, Transhumanism & The Magic Mushroom

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Kilindi Iyi is a mesmeric speaker who doesn’t consult notes while managing to be clever and witty at the same time which is not surprising because he is a warrior of consciousness. During this 50 minute talk he recalls the rise of consciousness from our Iceman heritage to modern times via the spacefaring spores of the mushroom spread by Panspermia. Kilindi believes in the evolution of mankind through the melding of two Singularies. The Organic Singularity, and the Technological Singularity. I’m with him on this!
Filmed at the Khanyisa Psychoactive Plant Conference on 27th October 2013.


@wes555 says:

One of the most inspiring people. Rest in peace Master and thank you for lighting the way for so many

@Gieszkanne says:

Transhumanism is evil. Its the total control of a few "elite" about the masses

@trueheartintent says:

I never got to meet you, and this is a regret that'll weigh down on me for sometime. You ventured through such deep spaces within the psilocybin realm, that I truly believe that is where I may find you someday. R.I.P. Kilindi Lyi, your teachings are paramount.

@MikeKawitzky says:

RIP Kilindi. Taken by Covid-19. The strongest person I ever met and a gentleman and scholar. Sorely missed. Condolences to family, friends and the community as a whole. There is a crowdfunding page for his family here –

@jdlc903 says:

26;08 egypt and tunisa and algeria (what romans called africa) still produces grains

@jdlc903 says:

To counter His intro: the most organised societies came from Mesopotamia,they developed accounting.Europe at that time enjoyed abundance of resources and weren't forced into developing highly ordered structured societies until more powerful societies imposed themselves of Europe.

@irieite9666 says:

Let Jah arise….. now that the enemies are scattered. Let Jah Arise….. now that the enemies are scattered……. Jah Live Children yeah… Jah Jah Live Children yeah….. Jah live, Jah Live, Jah Live, Bob Marley I live, Bob Marley I live, Bob Marley I live

Peace, One Love, Peace Love and Mushrooms

@mevans6914 says:

“ one who strikes” can u please send me your video on high dose psylocib? They took it off and I loved it. Your the first person I’ve liked after Terrence McKenna. Could you please mail it to me? I think your highly intelligent and my email is…. I’d appreciate it.

@philm1640 says:

Kalindi gonna watch this back and be like wow look even this guy speaking is holding a mushroom in his hand and hes speaking into it

@robertricher5389 says:

can anyone tell me how i can get in contact with Kilindi

@danieltaylor391 says:

he cant prove they came from space

@msmoore0779 says:

He broke down the diffrence between people of color and none people of color right off the bat….great explanation brother…

@ComplyMusicDubstepPromotion says:

Great talk!! Very eloquent speaker 

@mokamo23 says:

terence mckenna lives.

@justvers says:

Thanks for the upload Mike. That was so Rad!! Found myself laughing hard then being smacked in the face with some awesome education !!! *****  so jel !

.lol,Hellraiser ….Such a good film !! " we have such sights to show you " spoken in pinheads voice…..shiver

@mochapella says:

is there a transcript of this?

@mink33 says:

Oh my Buddha!  This info is validating some shroom experiences i have had! Any more Kilindi? Thanks for uploading. I am in need for a proper long interview with this interesting fellow… Or just eat some colossal sized doses of my mushrooms 😉 

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