Kilindi Iyi – High Doses of the Magic Mushroom & Human Evolution

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Kilindi joins me once again to talk high-dose psilocybin mushrooms. We discuss the comments people had after our first podcast together, as well as lots of new territory.

Other subjects covered include Kilindi’s experience in isolation tanks, fasting for 40 days at a time, and meditation. He expresses how, in his view, these other disciplines just don’t truly compare to high dose experiences with psychedelics, especially mushrooms.

Other random subjects: Dr. Strange, Yoga, Psychedelic Safety, Other Dimensions, DMT, Syrian Rue, & Fear.

It was another fascinating conversation, ending with Kilindi’s vision of us all taking ourselves to a new stage of human evolution.

Contact Kilindi at to get a hold of the DVD from the Detroit conference


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@Baketoast says:

Only an idiot and unexperienced dork would refer to mushrooms as a drug. I watch just for kilindi otherwise you suck as a wanna be podcaster. If youre so interested in interviewing Kilindi, then take the dose and see for yourself how premature you are.

@triple_gem_shining says:

Rest easy king

@spiritualru2364 says:

Did 5 grams of some solid dry shrooms. I was surrounded by people who have passed on. I was in pure love and light

@Baketoast says:

Kilindi Iyi is awesome!

@ericj1731 says:

Tip on the rue stacking:
First, it's easy to get, but it's not idiot proof to use. Going above 3g (+/-) is diminishing returns unless you are trying to trip off the rue itself and that is not recommended because the psychedelic range overlaps the hazardous range. Even then, rue has similar side effects as Sudafed and is a really bad idea to either take regularly or take a ton of. I've done a bunch of trips with and without rue in the 20-30g range. IMO, the influence of the rue isn't potentiating, but rather makes the visuals more vivid. Making the visuals pop out is synonymous with potentiating at doses where taking the next few grams would be described by the increased visuals, but that's not relevant above about 7g IMO. The rue ratio also doesn't change with shroom dosage. Start around 1g and before 5g, you'll find a sweet spot where the job got done. Beyond that, more just makes you nauseous. That much will pair with 1g of shrooms as well as 30g.

@peteman8160 says:

Great interview

@sergechistyakov7201 says:

I did yesterday 25 gr of dried shrooms, it was best experience in my life.

@vardanyanser says:

what are they referring to “Sirain what”? Please help.

@pwhales264 says:

Kilindi lyi a Giant and Icon in the Magic Mushroom and Martial Arts community has joined the ancestors. Kilindi lyi was the Head Instructor and Technical Advisor of the Tamerrian Martial Art Institute. He was a mycologist, teacher and world traveler who has presented on the subject of high-dose psilocybin all over the world.

We are Very saddened to see him pass on to the Heavens

@simonfb9976 says:

Phisosiben is toxic for baby's!!!!!!!!!!!!

@_sacredseven_ says:

Just ate 20 grams last night….
Honestly wasnt sure if I died or not…wasnt sure what I had done. I Just hoped everything was okay and I hadnt fucked up permanently. I was so confused and uncomfortable. I literally pissed myself and end up throwing up the mushrooms. And sat in my backyard not knowing who I was for hours..I had my memories of my family and friends, and my views of the world, but they were vague, and I did not know if any of it was real. As far as I could tell, I had made it all up, and I have been making up all of existence for eternity. All of existence was just something I made up to entertain myself because that's what you do when you're a mind…all you are is mind, and you're mind is the only thing you didnt make up. It's just there…always has been.

@MikeSmith-ve2qu says:

after 20 years of not tripping i ate 7 grams of golden teachers and i thought that was scary as shit my body would seize up.

@yunhao5645 says:

Wow I can imagine how controversiale this topic is going to be

@0ooTheMAXXoo0 says:

Quartz in a computer is used to keep an accurate clock. That is all. Same a wristwatch, a quartz crystal is used because we know with great accuracy at what frequency it vibrates at. By counting vibrations you get a very accurate clock.

@Tee-lah772 says:

Great video brother very informative!!!

@scottgreg9776 says:

Can u actually explain more about wat u learn in these realms of high doses .

@zambo1511 says:

Where they organize these psilocybin baby conferences? I might like to find woman like that to make kids.

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