Kilindi Iyi Breaking 2015 Marvel Comics High Dose 30g dried Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms LSD Ahayuasca

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Kilindi Iyi at the Breaking Convention 2015
3rd International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness
Jul 10, 2015 through Jul 12, 2015
Universtiy of Greenwich
Old Royal Naval College
Park Row, Longon, GB

Topics Covered with Kilindi’s talk:

In 1974 Marvel Comics writers Steve Englehart and Frank Brauner were attempting to meet their deadline for stories pertaining to the reemergence of a Marvel Comics character, Dr. Steven Strange. The men had been consuming LSD and Mushrooms in efforts to supercharge their creative writing skills and were surprisingly successful due their use of these illicit substances. The two men coauthored a total of 75 comic books for Marvel all of which, according to reports, were entheogenically driven into existence.

According to Iyi, the use of psilocybin mushrooms or pharmacological psilocybin is gaining academic and mainstream credibility for the treatment of early childhood trauma, sexual trauma, end of life palliative care, and other psychological problems. But rather than restricting the use of psilocybin to the treatment of existing medical conditions, Iyi advocates that more individuals and researchers take the initiative to employ high dose 20 to 30 grams of the most potent psilocybin mushroom species as tools of exploration. He says that by taking these large doses individuals can explore the multiverse and go deep, hard and full blast into novel states of consciousness unobtainable with under normal states of consciousness.

Iyi talked about problems encountered with actually consuming such large amounts of mushrooms having to do with the potential for nausea and the chewing and consuming of so much bulk material. He said that by using the highest potency species of psilocybin mushrooms such as Psilocybe azurescens, cyanescens and subaeruginascens, instead of the more common species of cubensis and semilanceata, will reduce the potential for bulk problems and nausea allowing the psilocybin explorer to more reliably attain greater heights of interdimensional exploration.

Kilindi discussed his exploration into the darkness, the deeper recesses of the multverse that are not populated by fairies and feel-good emotional states but instead involve the very hard work in confronting the dark places inside yourself and the multiverse of which you are afraid and do not want to visit. Kilindi says that we need more Dr Stranges that can go inside themselves and explore the multiverse inhabited by huge varieties of these very strange and heretofore undiscovered entities.

Also discussed was Kilindi’s assertion that psilocybin mushrooms ushered the human species into sentience and will soon provide the roadmaps for mankind into and through the transhumanistic realms into realms that are unimaginable to present day humans. He also talked about the technological singularity that may some day be attained with the merging of human consciousness into artificial intelligence, essentially downloaded human consciousness into super computers far in advance of anything that exists today. He says that the greatest super computer that exists today is the human brain working in concert with these entheogenic psilocybin mushrooms. He believes that in the early stages of human evolution that the use of psilocybin mushrooms by proto humans reprogrammed their DNA allowing for greater social and technological adaptation of the newly developing human species.

Kilindi talked about Marvel’s 1966 Black Panther super hero, the first black super hero, and the African tribesmen that entheogenically use the Amanita pantera mushroom to explore mystical states of consciousness and to enhance their martial arts fighting abilities, the same mushroom that had been used in Ninjutsu, a dark Japanese marshal art. Furthering this topic Kilindi discussed the intimate connection between all ancient martial arts and the entheogenic plants or mushrooms.

According to Kilindi the Egyptian pyramids were constructed as time machines and teleportation devices used in conjunction with entheogenic plants and mushrooms. He also spoke about Tibetan mandalas, Persian rugs and the cenobite puzzle box. Iyi talked about the Egyptian’s advanced entheogenic technologies in the mixing of sacred plants and mushrooms together such as the Acacia Tree (Acacia nilotica), Srian Rue (Peganum harmala), Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) and many others. Kilindi claims that the ancient Egyptians first traveled hyperdimentionally and then returned with visions of the place they visited and built temples, obelisks and statuary to honor the things and beings they had seen in those realms.


@tripsmcgee2474 says:

This is the way…

@art-tb3um says:

I made tea out of 28 grams of penis envy. Shit was essentially a longer version of DMT. With a machine octopus and engine noise peeling through my ceiling in technicolor. Then meeting some time serpeant who was essentially the creations servant, but he called himself the primordial being who was here before the concept of space and time.
IDK shit was kind of scary and fascinating at same time.

@ericanderson735 says:

This guy has fried his brain a little to much lol, I’ll all about it but you have to much biased going on , not objective at all.

@papabird4425 says:

Are we ever going to get over this dude flexing that he ate that much? It's not about the amount. It's about what you do with what you have. All I see here is an act of egotism.

@MrSouthsideMuscle says:

This is too heavy for closed minded people

@mrsansty says:

I tekked 17 grams of psilocybin, this mushroom was called Jedi Mind F@ck. It was by far the most I'd ever taken. What happened was absolutely incredible, but when I say I had to fight to get back to this existence I'm not bullshitting. I fought off puking for as long as I could and when I finally came to, I literally jumped back into this reality. It was the wildest experience I've ever had and I've seen some crazy shit on psychedelics.

Guys, we don't know anything. Everything we think we know, we don't. The only thing that I know, is that there is no death. Death is an illusion. If you think you know something or anything, the mushroom will put you in your place. The mushroom is my witness. The mushroom is king. It grows out of the ground. If you are brave enough, good luck and be careful.

@AlecAtkins says:

The best video he had was the "31 gram mushroom dose " but it's been deleted. Smh

@denzellcoleman925 says:

Thank you for sharing because this was inspiring

@thomaszieler9778 says:

This makes me think 20g is too much for someone to handle.

@moyofunedeasshabazz3400 says:

Thankful to all his work and the students left to continue the legacy

@clementeortiz1255 says:

Thank you lyi

@BioStuff415 says:

RIP Kilindi….

@RA-uk9ek says:

Rip to the goat

@stunnaloxc says:

I’ve been attuned to seeing auras since a child, and this mans aura is beastmode

@Mycoholicsanon says:

Because of this man I ate 5gs azzy, 240mg maoi. Thank God for this man I have Art to paint for a life time.

@rationalinquirer3341 says:

Honey helps the mushrooms go down nice and easy. I call it the Honey mushroom wave

@trevorwaligursky962 says:

Would be a tight podcast roe jogan

@jdlc903 says:

2:57 -not to use it to heal trauma?sheesh.

Sounds like hard work,what's the upside?

@jdlc903 says:

Druids in Britain

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