Kilindi Iyi and High Dose Psilocybin As A Form Of Martial Arts | Acacea Lewis ~ ATTMind 182

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Acacea Lewis is our guest for this episode of Adventures Through The Mind.

Our interview explores a number of vignettes into her scholarly explorations of psychedelic mushrooms throughout human history, and especially in various African traditions. But the two main thematic arcs we travel in the interview are the work of the late Kilindi Iyi and the value and potential of high dose psilocybin experiences as a form of martial arts, primarily through the lens of Acacea’s personal experiences.

For links to Acacea’s work, full show notes, and to access an audio-only stream of this episode, head to
***Full Topics Breakdown Below***


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Episode Breakdown

(0:00) Episode sponsor
(1:11) Opening and guest bio
(4:32) Patron Thanks
(6:48) Interview begins
(8:09) Acacea’s journey into high doses of psilocybin
(14:25) Acacea’s journey with Kilindi Iyi
(18:57) We see what we are interested in
(22:54) The African use of psychedelic mushrooms (Egypt and Maasai)
(30:20) The history of African martial arts, and the role of psychedelic states in martial arts practice
(33:25) Debunking pseudoscience can backfire
(30:08) An outline of Acacea’s first banned talk
(37:24) High dose psilocybin as a martial arts form
(40:03) The value (and dangers) of taking high doses of psilocybin
(43:44) Psilocybin mushrooms in the Aztec traditions
(45:51) The value of high doses is exploration (of self and of reality)
(56:05) Learning to be our authentic self through battle with the trained self
(1:01:04) The importance of healthy community during high dose explorations
(1:06:28) The challenges and opportunities of being stereotyped as a black woman in public advocacy of psychedelics
(1:17:32) Considering the potential harms of “accidentally promoting” high doses | there will always be ignorance in the world
(1:24:37) Psilocybin mushrooms can be harsh, just like mother nature can be harsh
(1:26:12) A quick run down of the lectures Acacea will be giving at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference.
(1:27:05) Crystals as a technology for psychedelic experiences
(1:32:23) Connecting with Acacea on social media, and her online school
(1:35:20) Outro


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@hendrosetyow3072 says:

Peace upon Kilindi Iyi. I saw him during one of my trips. He helped me a lot during a difficult time. Thank you Acacea for your story. What you said about what we learned in the real world here will affect your trip is exactly what I had thought during my trips. I saw the patterns on the surfaces and structures appears. Thank you for sharing.

@davide.morgan7122 says:

Smoking weed is tough on the body, but blue lotus brewed PROPERLY with cannabis can be really good alternative to smoking weed. Or even microdosing magic mushrooms with some marijuana brewed with it. I’ve heard that cooking everything before consumption removes any impurities.

@BohemianKitsch says:

i never found Kilindi credible, but this woman is far more compelling. i think it's her raw intellect that i resonate with. she's a real seeker. understanding over belief.

@therelentlesswan says:

17:26 Just want to put it out there that chinese martial arts come from dances too performed by shamans (wu).

@IndianaJones6 says:

Every time I trip I see aliens

@tolia-nielgrim says:

Thank you for this deep insight in your personality ❤Peace❤

@fromdusktilspawn says:

Acacea , Great to see you. I haven't seen you on FB anymore 🙁

@modrarybivrana5654 says:

She is a little off on her time line. The histories give all this to Ken Kesey and his bunch. Magic Trip is a good primer for American Psychedelics evolution. Woodstock was really the swan song for the hippy movement ( by late '69 the flowers had gone to seed). If I say I am a wise man it only means I do not know.

@EmmaJohnson-ug4lv says:

! It's fascinating how everyone's psychedelic experiences can be so unique, even when taking the same amount at the same time.

@hvewj says:

edward witten needs to do dmt

@brandonDuh47 says:

I've listened to many trip reports, books, talks on psychedelics but yet to try them out. Just don't know where or how i can get my hands on them, especially the psilocybin mushrooms.

@AdeptusPsychonautica says:

Great conversation! I ended up having a conversation with Acacea during this years Breaking Convention, although I had no idea of her work at the time. I appreciate her direct approach.

@joe4414 says:

See this is why I love this podcast. Fun to be between interesting intelectual conversation. Great volley between you two. Here's my comment on epidode 182 (which now ranks up there as one of my atfavs.): The world needs more Acacea Lewis' in it. Really enough said. I actually learned valuable perspectives on myself and others through this 90 minutes. Honesly man, cheers to the people fighting the good fight. Thanks you two!

@panicsum says:

Wonderful conversation. This young lady is wise beyond her earthly years.

@BW-eb8or says:

Awesome interview james. I’ve loved your work for years !! Keep it up man. Much love

@psilocybe4623 says:

when u say step by step, takeing it bigger and bigger, understanding it, waiting them to call you to take more, that is the way….i was very suspicious in all the main stuff about them, when i started back more then 10 yrs ago, and i found a sense in Carlos Castaneda, and hes books, about dosing, taking, sitting, purpose, ing….agreed, theyr not for everyone in high doses, it can be thrill and allso hell, same dose two beings….keep up the good work, i love you.

@roaldkala says:

This is one of the important skills to aquire for any facilitator too. I can feel her genuine character shining through. Old soul no doubt.

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