Moudou Baqui, Student of Kilindi Iyi High Dose Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms, Breaking Convention 2015

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Title: Moudou Baqui, Student of Kilindi Iyi High Dose Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms, Breaking Convention 2015
Release Date: 16-Dec-2016
Runtime: 00h 22m 33s (1353s)


@bookofamanda says:

Hey amanda here.. just found you through Dan hurds yt. I’m a mushroom hunter/gold digger in Georgia. Just wanted to say hey. I love mushrooms they changed my life, thanks

@BadgerLaser says:

EXCELLENT and thought provoking talk thanks for sharing

@insanebrain213 says:

R.I.P. Kilindi Iyi.

@Unsubscribedd says:

That was really a breath of fresh air hearing what you had to say. Your conclusions reflect my studies and experiences, and it’s time that people come out and say these things without fear of retaliation. Find the others, Terrence McKenna said, and that is important in this situation. I live in Ann Arbor, so I would like to come to psychonaut events in Detroit in the future. Please keep me updated. I was lucky enough to meet Kylindi a few years ago briefly at an event, and just to be in his presence was inspiring. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a teacher with that kind of dedication and experience. Much appreciated! Feel free to message or email me about future events, etc

@williamwesley5078 says:

On my first experience I was boggled by how the mind can think of those shapes and colors, it's like we turn into geniuses

@centerfocused3490 says:

LOVE YOU BABY MOUDOU!!!!!! So glad I found this.

@daniel76om says:

Awesome!! Brilliant brother! Love you cuz!

@higherdimensions222 says:

Simply amazing.

@lucasfa5445 says:

Can we stop the NWO with eating mushrooms? How?

@renethomsen7425 says:

He is a very good speaker! Would love to hear him live.

@phildanus6962 says:

Fascinating. He touched on thoughts I've recently been thinking of lately. Brilliant.

@robertderbyshire7508 says:

We nourish those Acorns by doing what your doing… Keep it up.

@gama6749 says:

Mahalo for sharing

@poolboywillis1225 says:

Sorry for teachers passing ,the work must not be in vein

@Twogunsay10 says:

so how many times should i zoom out? "yes"

@christianfranks3550 says:

Saint messenger you are

@lisamead5595 says:

mushrooms have changed my life for the better they heald me , I was a junky untill mushrooms

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