Mushroom Potency: Stems Vs Caps – Talking Slop with Oakland Hyphae (Part 5)

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In this series of Talking Slop I chop it up with Bay Area resident Reggie aka Oakland Hyphae, mover and shaker in the psychedelic movement, mycologist and founder of the Psilocybin Cup.

We go in to all things Mycelial… connecting the dots between our own connection, the current climate of the psychedelic landscape and the role of Africans in the diaspora. We look at his own journey into psychedelics and inspiration for starting the Psilocybin Cup plus more.

Reggie consults with the largest mushroom cultivators in the world. He has worked with the largest cultivators in The Netherlands and and is currently advising in the establishment of the largest commercial mushroom farm and state of the art testing lab in Jamaica. He also has over 10 years of domestic experience in the US cannabis industry. Reggie is a member of the Advisory Board for Decriminalize Nature and an avid activist for police reform and an ally of The Movement for Black Lives.

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@swaggking1233 says:

acacea discussed how important the substrate is to healthy grown mushrooms. She said Baba KILINDI IYI (ALL CAPS) taught her that the soil they grown in play a major role in the experience.

@yourmom-to9fy says:

black people are responsible for the majority of crimes

@rockeaterfungi says:

This isn't a white or black thing this is a mushroom thing.

@justinquintero6278 says:

I'll respect Brothers keep your head up

@jeffsmith8065 says:

Ok I'm going to try one time just caps and another time just stems but to me it doesn't matter i always eat them whole anyway .

@SICKO7 says:

I’ve done a gram multiple times but using stems never the caps so idk lol this shit weird

@SICKO7 says:

I just took 1 cap n a half about 50 minutes in counting and high asf plus I smoked idk if I’ma trip tho

@essence3438 says:

So stems are stronger than caps.. ok

@alchemicalsynergy4029 says:

I asked em' which is stronger, and was told its been debunked, and here it is…wallah…and the moldy stuff is from the oxygen hittin it

@dday105 says:

As a scientist by hobby I was looking for this information and look forward to knowing what the results will be. Great topics. Glad to join and subscribe!

@sadhu7191 says:

Heard adding dmt to soil in monotub boosts types of stuff in mushrooms. Like vows eating dmt grass then mushrooms growing on dung

@afrizak says:

Whenever white people like something. Then it becomes a staple

@thomasaldebron6715 says:

Finally a man seeking the right answers to the right questions. Really, very interested thank you.

@ozzymsmusicchannel says:

Brilliant interview. The research that the world needs access to

@HalloikbenJim says:

I'm dutch and white and I'm not aware of the mushroom scene treating black people differently, here in the Netherlands most mushroom people seem to be inclusive. Where could I find more information on this subject?

@quazimotoscopick7085 says:

I got an oz of golden teachers off my chum,paid a yard note
They came in a large cluster ,all attached at the bottom
Big stems,outweighing the caps
I generally notice the stems are more potent with most types ,
So i took the bottom of the cluster,5 grams
I ate what would have been in the growing medium
I expected to be going deep ,but ater 2 hrs ,i only felt like i took 1 or 1-12 grams of good shrooms 
So , I guess the bottom of the mushrooms are still some medicine
just not as strong as th stems or caps
Good talk u guys are woke
White people are depressed?
Mabye some,but its like saying ,Black people are fat
Im not depressed,nor am i a pill user, Ilove weed  
All natural,and love life ,Peace

@codyholst6056 says:

Lmao let's bring race into mushrooms now to.

@dcaabd says:

lol! "White people are largely depressed." and "pilled up". so true! got to find the joy in life somewhere.

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