Graham Hancock – The Demiurge, Archons, and the Light of Gnosis

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Alone in silent eternal darkness, God divided himself into himself to escape the darkness and aloneness. Obsessed with love and light, God is alone in the dark.

Slideshow made from 10 minute clip of a 1 hour, 45 minute lecture video: Graham Hancock – The Duality Conundrum – Confronting Evil – Exploring Consciousness- HD 2015

Music: SAD PIANO RAP BEAT FREE (Prod.Korabeats)…

Terence McKenna quote at the end taken from:
Terance Mckenna & Joe Rogan – Awaken from the culture-Time For Change…

Intro quote from Kilindi Iyi slideshow lecture at the Exploring Psychedelics Conference 2015 in Oregon.

The A. muscaria mushroom (Gnostic Tree of Life) eye opening experience produces the classic near death experience: out of body, into the light, life review, trial of the soul, heaven and hell, back into body and ego:……

The Demiurge — Near Death Experience Playlist

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