The Battle Over Psychedelic Therapy’s Future

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Psilocybin therapy is on the brink of becoming legally available in the US. But access isn’t guaranteed. There’s a struggle playing out right now between pharmaceutical companies, nonprofits, and other entities over who gets to control and profit off the treatment. The outcome will determine whether the people most likely to benefit from psilocybin therapy will even be able to afford it.

Note: Manish Agrawal’s name and title appear incorrectly at 19:19. Manish is the Co-Director of Clinical Research at Maryland Oncology Hematology.

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@VICENews says:

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@aza1479 says:

For the elite hell knaw

@boardwalkbw7130 says:

Corporations ruin absolutely everything

@Whizkidsoo says:

My trips lately have been eye opening & a lot of crying as well

@tonytran7382 says:

If you want demons to possess you this is a very quick way of achieving that. However, if you want to be set free of your depression and suffering then there is a much more Superior method , and it is very easy. Call on the name of Jesus, Hes alive and Hes not only he hears you but Hes the only Only Only one has the power to help and deliver you from your pain and suffering

@harleighworkman7253 says:

I microdosed, using LSD after a terrible car accident, which resulted in a TBI. The after effects included… times I would look at my reflection and not recognize myself, my short term memory was corrupted and old memories were skewed and conveluted, and it seemed the only visceral emotion I could feel was anger.
I was thinking and feeling in a way that was unfamiliar and not conducive to my general demeanor.
Microdosing, self work, and some clinical help, I was able to get back on track and start to think and feel like myself.
I still have boughts of microdosing and have a structured journey with a friend once a month.

@JNM2005 says:

"The way in which I practice unfortunately is very expensive" Camera pans to the white man laying on her bed. What a disgrace.

@richardleesowardsjr4794 says:

Mushrooms will always have a place with us. There's a fungus among us.

@BrysonHissong says:

They charge 600$/hr just to be a trip spotter for shrooms that you can buy for 30 dollars.

@user-ri6zk1fb1n says:

Who to contact for mushrooms for mental health

@oregonpatriot1570 says:

Interesting that Psilocybin takes years and years of research before it's approved for use, but the covid-19 vaccination was forced on people IMMEDIATELY.
(This comment brought to you by Pfizer.)

@OfficialSlaughterHouse says:

Humans should have a right to any plant

@kellyhoward217 says:

Does anyone know why in treatment settings you have to wear an eye mask? I dont think I would like that much

@LukeShartWalker says:

May the Flush be with you.

@stephensoto2126 says:

when she said everything's annoying, I've been there on shroom's. You finally get that pull back where you get the time to actually tell yourself the world is very annoying & makes no sense. The mushroom's work your brain like a machine & tell's it hey, keep calm we're ok, let it out. Feel.

@jesusisdead says:

We care about your feelings if we can make money. They dont want a natural medicine because it harder to control than their synthetic drugs. I hate these random people telling what we can and cant do at the expense of everyone else

@JenniferJeffs says:

Depression haunted my life from a very young age, and I was put on a bunch of SSRIs as a child in attempt to deal with it. None worked. Psychedelic mushrooms was brought to my attention. It was the first thing that actually had real effects. They should only be used with great care and respect.

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